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Separation Anxiety 1 (Online)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Thurs 6pm



Does your dog struggle when left alone? Do you return to destruction, a stressed-out dog, or accidents in the house, even though when you are home, none of that happens? Are your neighbors complaining about your dog’s barking or crying? Help is now available through this online class! We’ll show you how to address the variety of issues that can create this complicated problem, and how to build your own plans to work all the way through to case resolution. You’ll also receive ongoing, expert support and coaching during this 6-week, online class. Please note that we do not expect this behavior issue to be resolved by the end of the class period, but by the end of the class you will have the knowledge and tools to be able to address it on your own. Each class lasts 75 minutes, and the class is appropriate for all dogs showing concerning behaviors when left alone at home.

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