Vet Clinic Class




1 time

Date & Time:

Sat, 10am


Oct 15th, Nov 5th

Going to the vet is part of a healthy life for a puppy/dog, but we know it can be a stressful experience for many dogs. We want to improve the experience for the dogs (and all of the people) and set everyone up to succeed in the veterinary clinic environment.

During Vet Clinic Classes, you'll be given a unique time-slot the day before, usually for 15 minutes. During that time, you and your dog will be able to explore the empty clinic with a trainer, to work on getting used to the sights and smells, getting on the scale, practicing handling, or whatever is most useful for your pup.

***NO veterinary treatment or advice will be given during this class. It is ONLY an opportunity to get used to the vet clinic with the help of skilled trainers!

Class is held at Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital at 10706 Brodie Ln, but you do not need to be a client there to attend class.