Professional trainer Eric Tarango kneeling beside a dog as they look at each other

Eric Tarango

Trainer (+ Spanish)

Eric began dog training when he rescued his own dog who had resource guarding issues. In 2014 he moved to Austin, a dog loving city that helped him grow as a trainer. He shadowed a service dog trainer for a couple of years and was inspired to learn how animals thought and how they see the world. He started working as a dog trainer, teaching basic manners classes and private lessons for several years. He has helped and worked with thousands of dogs, and has a passion for learning about behavior problems and treatments in dogs. (He/Him)

Selfie taken by trainer Jane Howard as a large dog licks her cheek

Jane Howard


Jane has dedicated the last decade of her life to creating and improving the bond between humans and their animals. She trained hearing, mobility, and companion dogs on everything from the very basics through advanced commands (like opening cabinet doors and alerting owners to ringing telephones and fire alarms). She has a deep understanding of canine temperament and body language earned by work for Service Dogs Inc. Her favorite dogs to work with are shy puppies that just need a little boost of confidence to reach their full potential.


Raaka Mori

Assistant, Mentee

Raaka has always had a passion for animals. In 2013, she got a job at a doggie daycare and has been working with them ever since. Inspired by her first dog, Caiya, who has aggression issues, Raaka dove into the world of canine behavior and psychology even before becoming the Kennel Tech Manager at Mud Puppies here in Austin. She is currently finishing up her schooling at Animal Behavioral College with the goal of getting her CPDT-KA. She is fascinated with all things dog and continues to train her own pups Nova, Joey, and Bonnie while assisting classes and clients at Every Dog.

Trainer Andrea Carter wearing an Every Dog shirt reading "dog training is for everyone"

Andrea Carter


Andrea’s first job working with dogs was as a kennel tech at a small board & train facility, and her experiences volunteering with shelter dogs created a space in her heart for dogs who need friends the most. After teaching group classes at a pet store for 7 years she completed the Karen Pryor Academy to deepen her understanding of training. Volunteering with Service Dogs Inc. and working at the Austin Animal Center on the Behavior Team helped ignite a desire to keep learning even more about why dogs do what they do, and how we can help them fit into our lives successfully.

Trainer Steven Tallas sitting on a bench smiling at a dog sitting next to him

Steven Tallas

Trainer, CDTK

Steven has seven years of professional experience in dog training and behavior, and is a Certified Fear Free Professional. His specialties include adult dog obedience, socialization, and behavior modification. Steven is a graduate of the Master's Program at CATCH Canine Trainer's Academy, an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and student in the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI). He's the founder of Venture Dog Training, a business aimed to help pet owners build a better relationship with their dog through education, communication, and shared adventures. 

Trainer Luis Herrera being licked on the face by a dog

Luis Herrera

Trainer (+ Spanish)

Luis began his career as a dog trainer in Mexico in 2000, practicing Schutzhund at the Police Academy. He then taught group classes in Cancun, and worked with rescue groups. In 2010 he moved to Austin and worked as an adoption counselor with Austin Pets Alive. In 2011 he began to work at the Austin Animal Center doing community outreach.He has participated in different seminars and conferences, always with the idea of learning different techniques that make the dog-owner relationship better.

Supna Desai laughing with a puppy held to her chest at a puppy training class

Supna Desai

Assistant, Mentee, Events

Supna discovered her love of training through working with her own dogs- Sophie, Augie, and Tod. Now she’s a fierce advocate for humane training. With a background in social work, she believes that everyone should have access to professional behavior support to help build bonds between people and their dogs. She’s committed to learning and meeting people where they’re at.