Private Behavior Training 

Are you:

  • Tired of reactivity, barking and lunging on walks?

  • Worried about bites when guests come over?

  • Wishing your dog could go to the vet without terror?

  • Struggling with resource guarding?

  • Working through your dog's fear, anxiety, and stress?

  • Dealing with aggressive behavior?

  • Managing your dog's separation anxiety?


We’d love to help! We start with an Initial Behavior Consultation held virtually, to go over your current situation and come up with a custom training plan. After the Behavior Consultation, you can continue with virtual sessions or book in-person training (if you’re within our training radius). All of our training uses positive reinforcement methods.

Virtual Training sessions are $75/hr or $40/half hour follow up. In-person Training is $95/hr.

Financial Assistance
is available if needed.

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Book your initial Virtual Behavior Consultation (1hour, $75)

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