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Every dog deserves quality dog training.

For many Austinites, professional dog training is financially out of reach. Our goal is to provide inclusive access to dog behavior support for the families who need it.

Families love their dogs and know they need help, but finances hold them back.

Dog training becomes a luxury many cannot afford.

Families consider their dogs to be part of their family, and a lack of training and behavior support can lead to frustration, guilt, and even safety risks. Without preventative behavior help, these problems may only get worse.

Since starting Every Dog in 2020, we've been able to offer high-quality dog training and behavior options for families experiencing financial challenges.

  • Over 1,000 families received free or discounted dog training

  • We have offered everything from group socialization classes for puppies to behavior consulting for dogs with aggression

  • We have provided over $50,000 in financial assistance, allowing families to focus on other daily costs

  • 95% of families gave us a 5 out of 5 for their experience with us

  • Dozens of dogs stayed in their homes rather than being surrendered to shelters, thanks to receiving training support

  • Our free webinars have been viewed over 75,000 times, giving people worldwide vital dog behavior information

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Year-round support is crucial for Every Dog to be able to meet our community's dog training needs.

Sustained support enables us to count on reliable funding to: 

  • Provide training to families who LOVE their pets and need some help when life happens.

  • Allow shelter dogs to learn, play, and thrive before.

  • Create career opportunities and mentorship for animal welfare professionals.

Becoming a monthly donor contributes to lasting and positive impacts in Austin's dog-loving community. 

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Donate now to make a difference!

$10 per month

Pays for the amazing "ah ha!" moment countless families have when they finally understand their dog's behavior.

$30 per month

Sponsors a class for an Austin-area shelter dog to give them a break from the shelter.

$75 per month

Provides financial assistance for two private training sessions.

$180 per month

Sponsors a full 6-week group class for a family in need.


“We were able to work on basic commands like "touch", "down" and got him to lay down in a relaxed side seat which was a huge win for him. Generally, the exercises were so good for him.”



“I have two pups and the financial assistance made it possible to get them both the training they deserved. … Being able to work with a behavior trainer at Every Dog made a world of difference.”

- Deborah

How does becoming a monthly donor make a difference?

Becoming a monthly giver will make a significant difference by providing a sustainable way to support our mission. It allows you to donate more without breaking the bank at one time, ensuring a consistent and reliable funding source for Every Dog.

Are there any perks to being a monthly giver?

As a monthly giver, you will enjoy exciting exclusive updates, including quarterly video updates or monthly highlights. These updates provide a more immersive connection with the impact of your support. Stay informed about the positive changes your contributions make in the lives of dogs and families in Austin.

Monthly givers gain access to VIP events! This exclusive access allows you to engage with Every Dog's mission and vision on a deeper level and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for accessible dog training and training resources.

For those who donate $20 per month or more, we'll add a photo of your pup to the wall of our training center!

Do I have to donate a certain amount?

Nope! Whether you donate $10 each month or $500, your gift will directly impact families in need.

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