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Every Dog Behavior and Training Pit Bull

Behavior Consulting

We know it can be stressful when your dog needs behavior training. Finding the right behavioral trainer isn't always easy, and it's hard to know what options you have.


Fortunately, our certified behavior consultants are here to help! Our dog behavior training is for dogs who are:

  • Reactive on leash

  • Resource guarding

  • Fearful or aggressive toward new people

  • Aggressive toward other dogs

  • Fearful or anxious of the environment or specific things

  • Struggling with vet visits, handling, or other tasks

Start Behavior Training!

All behavior training journeys begin with a Virtual Behavior Consultation with one of our expert consultants. This 60-75min appointment ($125) will include going through all the details of your dog's behavior and coming up with a training plan.

No problem! Just fill out our Private Training Request form and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

We have Virtual Emergency Consultations if you need help ASAP- within 48 hours.

Behavior Consulting Service Area

We provide in-home dog behavior training throughout the Austin area ($150). Please keep in mind that some locations may be restricted by day or time based on Austin traffic!

We also offer private training sessions at our Community Center, marked with the blue star ($125).

Even if you are not within our service area, we are happy to provide virtual behavior consulting! Our team has worked with many families with fear and aggression issues in a virtual-only setting, and we find this to be a very successful way to work through challenging behaviors!

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Not Sure What You Need?
Book a free 15-minute information call to figure out what training plan is right for you.

Meet Our Dog Behavior Trainers!

We'll match you with a behavior consultant based on your availability and your dog's behavior. Our behavioral dog trainers have decades of collective experience working with dogs, and love helping families solve problems. Regardless of which consultant you worth with, you'll have access to our entire team's knowledge and expertise.


Devi Puckett


Devi's passion for animal training and welfare was evident at an early age when her favorite phrase was, “can I keep it?” Her many pets have included reptiles, insects, tarantulas, rats, hamsters, hedgehogs, doves, parakeets, cats, and dogs - she has never met an animal that she didn’t love. Her previous career as a high school teacher shaped her into a patient and accessible coach of people. Whether it’s starting a puppy off on the right paw, building the human-canine bond, or working on challenging behavior, Devi’s positive approach is grounded in a solid scientific foundation. (She/Her)

Steven Tallas


Steven has seven years of professional experience in dog training and behavior and is a Fear Free Certified Trainer. He entered the behavior world by volunteering at his local animal shelter while working under various mentors. Steven graduated from the Master's Program at CATCH Canine Trainer's Academy, is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and is a graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) specializing in aggressive dog behavior. He is the founder of Venture Dog Training, a business aimed to help pet owners build better relationships with their dogs through education, communication, and shared adventures. (He/Him)


Lana Lesley


Lana came to animal welfare and dog behavior training in 2018, after 23 years in the performing arts as a producer, performer and executive director. Beginning as a volunteer dog walker and eventually a trainer at a local rescue, Lana fell in love with every one of "her" dogs, and with the process of helping them learn coping skills and life skills. A lifelong learner, Lana completed the Master Program at CATCH Training Academy and earned her Professional Dog Trainer certification. She looks forward to earning her Behavior Consultation certification. (She/Her)

Michele Mendoza


A lifelong dog lover, Michele started dog walking and pet sitting to earn extra money while working in corporate marketing roles. A long-term client opened her eyes to positive reinforcement training and inspired her to learn more about dog behavior. In 2010, she left the corporate world to start a training facility of her own, training thousands of dogs everything from manners to agility. After selling the business, she worked on the Behavior Team at Austin Animal Center and connected with Miranda over a shared passion for dog behavior. (She/Her)


Miranda Hitchcock


Miranda began her work with dogs as a volunteer at an animal shelter in Maryland, and then taught puppy classes and reactive/fearful dog classes  before moving to Austin. Among her shelter work, she was the Shelter Operations Manager for Austin Animal Center and oversaw the shelter's behavior program and animal care. Miranda is a "behavior nerd" who's passionate about equity and access in the dog world.  Miranda hold's a Master's Degree in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from Virginia Tech. (She/Her)

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Behavior Consulting

My dog isn't aggressive- is behavior consulting still for me?

Yes! Many dogs demonstrate fear, phobias, anxiety, or reactivity that we can help with, even if your dog doesn't show any aggression.

Do you work with certain breeds, or with dogs with a bite history?

We work with ALL breeds. We also work with dogs who have a history of aggression or bites. Depending on the case, we may also team up with a veterinary behaviorist or other specialist to ensure that you get the best possible support.

Why work with a certified behavior consultant on this?

When dealing with challenging behavior issues, working with an expert is key. While anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviorist, our team of certified behavior consultants have the background knowledge and experience to help you. It can be easy to make behavior issues worse by working with trainers who promise quick fixes or don't know the up-to-date, modern methods to change behaviors. We want you to get the very best support! There are many trainers out there who claim to be behavioral dog trainers, behaviorists, behavioralists, and any number of other names: but it's important to work with someone who has up-to-date knowledge and skills.

How long does it take to work through behavior issues!

It totally depends on a variety of factors (your dog's behavior, the time you have for training, etc). We don't offer guarantees on timelines because you and your dog are individuals! Sometimes, one consultation gives you the information you need to work through an issue. Other times, we may work together over the course of months.

Do you offer packages, or board and train?

Nope! We train with sessions one at a time, instead of getting you to buy an expensive package that may or may not help your dog. We want to tailor the training process to YOU! We also don't offer board and train. Many commercial board and train options involve the use of shock or prong collars, which we don't recommend. Ethical board and train options are typically in-home, and most trainers are unable to accommodate dogs with behavior issues into these programs (for the safety of all dogs and people). 

How does the training process work?

We start everyone with a Virtual Behavior Consultation. In this 1-hour initial session you'll be paired with one of our certified behavior consultants to talk about your dog's behaviors in detail. Then we'll go into next steps and come up with a training plan. After the Consultation, you can continue with virtual training or move to in-person training, depending on the specifics of your situation.

Why is the consultation virtual?

We've found that this is the most successful way to do an initial consultation. Since most of our first session is talking and asking questions, we're able to take lots of notes and dig deep into the details without worrying about keeping a dog occupied. This is also important for safety and well-being, as many dogs we work with show either aggression or stress/fear toward new humans. 

Can you do an in-person assessment of my dog?

We don't offer "assessments." Over the years, research has indicated that one-shot assessments of a dog's behavior are limited in their ability to successfully gauge and predict future behavior. So instead of trying to look at your dog in-person at one particular time and "assess" them, we take a more thorough and detailed approach based on their full behavior history.

What methods do you use for behavior training?

Everything we do is based on up-to-date, modern science and is backed by strong ethical considerations. We do not use aversive (painful or uncomfortable) techniques in any of our training, including shock or electronic collars, pinch or prong collars, choke collars, etc. We rely on fundamental principles like positive reinforcement, classical conditioning and desensitization, differential reinforcement techniques, and management and enrichment techniques to modify behavior. The welfare of your dog (and other people and animals) will always be a priority.

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