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Get Involved- Join Our Team!

There are so many ways to get involved with us. Whether you're looking to become a board member or a volunteer, a mentee or a trainer, check out the options available.

Inclusivity is extremely important to us. We are eager to work with BIPOC, Spanish speakers, and anyone who represents or works with disenfranchised groups. We need your voices in our work!

To learn more about these opportunities, please email with some information about yourself.

Board of Directors Member

Ready to take a leadership role in an active non-profit? Whether you love fundraising or accounting or strategic planning or working with disenfranchised communities, we want your help! You don't need to be an experienced dog person, but you do need to be ready to make a difference.

Fundraising and Development

Fundraising is absolutely essential to Every Dog- without funding, we can't help all of the people and dogs! If you're an experienced fundraiser with lots of ideas and knowledge, we want you. If you're less experienced but willing to do the research and talk to folks, we want you, too!

New or Aspiring Dog Trainer

We love providing mentorship to new and aspiring trainers. Whether you have some experience and want to go for certification or are at the beginning stages of your journey, let us know! We can provide shadowing opportunities, and paid part-time assisting/training opportunities based on skill level and need.

SEO and Website Accessibility

We want our website to be the best it can be, especially when it comes to accessibility. Help us with adding image descriptions, adding keywords, and making sure everything is easy to access, even for those with disabilities.

TikTok Master

We're already doing our thing on Facebook and Instagram, but TikTok is a whole different world! If you love TikTok and want to help us make it happen, we love you. We'll help provide video content and whatever you need to make this successful.

Webinar Speaker

If you're a dog behavior professional and love public speaking, consider doing a webinar for Every Dog! These are free resources on a variety of topics that we make available to our community.

Community Outreach and Events

Do you love talking to other humans? This one's for you! We want to be at lots of awesome community events, and need people to attend (or even better, take charge!) While we love volunteers to attend events, we're also open to paid part-time outreach positions. Spanish bilingual strongly preferred!

Keyboard Warrior

Love spreading the word about Every Dog and what we're doing? Become part of our social media team! When you see folks asking about dog training in your NextDoor community or Facebook groups, hype us up! We're happy to send you updates to post in your communities, too. So if you're scrolling thru your feeds anyway... we'd love to use that for good!

Pretty Much Anything Else!

Look, there are so many ways you could help. If you have a passion or skill set, let us know!

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