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Volunteer with Dogs in Austin!

Volunteering with animals is an incredibly rewarding experience. At Every Dog, volunteers play a huge role, giving hundreds of hours each year to help people and dogs. Check out some of our current volunteer opportunities!

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Dog Training Class Assistant 

Volunteer class assistants are an essential part of Every Dog classes, keeping things running smoothly, helping the instructors, and ensuring that everyone has a great experience!


  • Help out with group dog training classes at either Every Dog class location (North or South Austin)

  • We generally ask that volunteers be able to help in at least 6 weeks of classes (we don't allow 1-time volunteers right now). Most classes are on evenings or weekends. So for example, you may decide to volunteer for Tuesdays at 6pm and 7pm at our North facility, or Sundays at 11am at our South facility. It's ok if you need to skip a week for vacation!

  • Dog training class assistant volunteers do things like:

    • Set up class materials like chairs, toys, and training supplies.

    • Assist with cleaning tasks to make sure the space is ready.

    • Greet clients and welcome them to class.

    • Assist with training exercises when needed - this sometimes means getting to say hi to very cute doggos!


You do NOT need to have experience with dog training to be an assistant! However, you must be at least 18 years old. This is a great opportunity if you're interested in learning about dog training!

Ready to get started? Fill out your volunteer application.


Board Member

Serving on the Every Dog board is an opportunity for incredible people to strengthen the Austin community and improve the lives of its dogs (and people!).


Board members are expected to attend and engage in quarterly meetings (and on a regular basis). They’re passionate about the mission, vision, and values, and serve as advocates and ambassadors for Every Dog.


They work to identify and secure the financial resources and partnerships needed for Every Dog to meet its goals, and participate actively in independent and collective activities. Board members are advocates for their communities and utilize their unique skills and expertise in service of Every Dog’s mission.

To learn more, email us at

Events and Outreach

Are you the kind of person who loves meeting new people, talking about a cause they love, and getting the word out to the community?

Our event volunteers go all over Austin to represent Every Dog and have a great time! 

Most events happen on Saturday or Sunday, so weekend availability is a must. Ability to lift/carry awkward or heavy items or stand for several hours is a perk, but not a requirement!

To learn more, email us at

Want to help in another way? Reach out!


Inclusivity is extremely important to us. We are eager to work with BIPOC folks, Spanish speakers, and anyone who represents or works with disenfranchised groups. We need your voices in our work!

To learn more about these opportunities, please email with some information about yourself.

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