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Financial Assistance for Dog Training

We believe that dog training is for everyone.

Or, at least it SHOULD be.

Finances shouldn't be a barrier for families needing support.

Finances shouldn't prevent puppies from getting the early socialization they need.

Finances shouldn't keep folks from getting the training they need to live peacefully with their dogs.

That's why we offer financial assistance on ALL of our training.

Step 1: Fill out the short Financial Assistance Form

Step 2: Receive an automated email with all of the information and codes to use financial assistance

Step 3: Use the appropriate code anytime you book

Request Financial Assistance

Thanks for submitting!

Am I eligible for Financial Assistance?

Yes! We do not have any specific eligibility criteria for our financial assistance. We know that measures like income are only a part of the financial equation for any family, and many factors can impact your ability to pay for training. We do not disqualify anyone from using financial assistance.

How much Financial Assistance is available?

We generally offer discounts of 20%-50% off our training services. For example, a $150 training session would be $75-$120 after the discounts. 

What if I need more help than that?

That's totally ok! If you need more help, email with some information about your situation and what you can afford per session. We do not offer sponsorships/free services, but will work with you to find something that works.

Should I use Financial Assistance?

If the financial assistance discount makes the difference between you being able to train or not, USE IT.  This assistance is designed to make training possible for you, but is not meant simply as a "discount."

Paying the full cost (or highest affordable cost for you) allows us to provide resources to more dogs and people in need. Please be mindful that if you choose a lower cost option than you need, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial assistance.

Thank you for using the honor system in choosing to use financial aid (and at what level), so we can support our community.

How do I use Financial Assistance?

Every time you book a class or private training session, use the appropriate code before you pay. Make sure to hit "Apply" so the code is applied in the system before payment!

Can I use Financial Assistance Retroactively?

Nope. If you need to use financial assistance, you must apply the code when you pay your invoice for the service.

Do you offer payment plans?

Generally, no. Our system makes it very difficult to offer them in a way that's easy to use.

Financial assistance is ONLY possible with generous donations from our community.

Help us support more people and dogs by donating today.

I’m SO glad this non-profit exists.


Dog training is a “need”. We all deserve to have well behaved and trained dogs. But often, the pricing of training classes fall under the “want” category of spending.


Every Dog bridges that gap to make training accessible for everyone.


On top of that, their classes and trainers are top notch. We feel so comfortable in each class. The trainers are so great at explaining the training process as well as why we learn different cues. My pup knew a lot going into our first class, but the training stepped his game up even more! He’s learning new cues and commands within minutes.


Seriously top notch team! Couldn’t recommend this enough.

-Sabrina A.

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