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Private Puppy Training

If you've got a puppy, we're here to help! You have SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS!

Our team of certified positive reinforcement trainers can help your puppy grow into a wonderful member of your family.

Whether you choose to work with us through group puppy training and socialization classes, our day training program for puppies, or private coaching, o ur team can help you with things like:

  • Socialization

  • Building important skills like walking on leash and coping with distractions

  • Limiting unwanted behaviors like biting/mouthing

  • Potty training

Schedule your first puppy training session at our Community Center! (1 hour, $125)

Private Puppy Training in Austin, TX

We provide in-home puppy training throughout the Austin area, as well as lessons at our Community Center in North Austin. Private puppy obedience training (what we call manners training!) is an excellent option whether you're working on the basics or trying to solve problems like puppy biting, counter surfing, or pulling on leash.

Private Puppy Training Pricing:

  • Private training at our Community Center: $125/hr

  • In-home private training: $150/hr

  • Puppy Tutoring (day training): $95/ 45-min session (only available to private training clients

*If you are outside our service area, we are happy to either meet you somewhere closer, work with you virtually, or refer you to one of our awesome network of trainers.

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Puppy Packages

Want to build puppy training into your routine? Check out our Puppy Packages! These include:

1 In-Person Private Training Session

3 In-Person Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring Sessions happen with one of our trainers and your pup. We can work on leash walks in the neighborhood, take your pup on a socialization outing, or work on skills at home- all while you go about your day! These trainings would normally cost $435, but we're offering the Puppy Package for $375!

To book a Puppy Package, fill out the request form and put Puppy Package in the notes!

FAQs About Private Puppy Training in Austin

What are the benefits of private puppy training?

Private puppy training has a few key benefits. First, we get to work on whatever is most important to you! If you're having a tough time with potty training, your puppy won't respond to their name, or they've been eating all your socks, we can help with those things specifically. In private puppy training sessions you're getting 1-on-1 time with a skilled positive reinforcement trainer who can help you.


Private training is also a great opportunity to help you develop the skills you need to help your puppy succeed in real life. We might only see you one hour a week, but you're with your puppy every day! So if we can give you the tips and tricks to train your puppy, you're going to make progress so much faster.

When should I start my puppy in private training?

As soon as possible, around 8 weeks if able! Puppies go through a critical socialization period until about 12 weeks, so it's essential to get them into safe, appropriate socialization opportunities asap. Puppies do NOT need to be fully vaccinated to attend classes or begin private training. If your puppy is partially vaccinated, we will stick to training in-home or in locations where we can keep your puppy safe from disease. To learn more about these policies, check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists guidelines on Puppy Socialization. 

Where do private puppy training lessons take place?

Private training for puppies can happen in a few places. We often do in-home training which is great for working on things like settling on their mat/bed, learning not to counter surf, or any other home-based behaviors. Training at our Community Center in North Austin is a great option for learning to walk on leash, coming when called, or learning any other behaviors in a new space. Sometimes we may also do private training lessons out in the world, whether at a park or a Lowe's or another location. 

How many private training sessions will my puppy need?

That totally depends on your goals! You may just want a session or two to help solve some problems or teach your puppy (and your family) some new skills. In other cases, you may want a regular training session over the course of months as your puppy goes through different phases of life with their unique challenges. 

How do you keep puppies safe in private training if they're not fully vaccinated?

We choose to train in safe spaces like your home, our Community Center (which is disinfected to protect puppies) or to go out in public in safe ways: avoiding areas with other dogs or using blankets or carts so your puppy is protected from disease.

What is puppy tutoring (day training)?

Our puppy tutoring is extra support for families already enrolled in private training. We know that life gets busy, and sometimes you just need someone who can work with your puppy while you get your own work done! Tutoring sessions mean one of our trainers works with your puppy 1-on-1 without you needing to do anything at all. This might mean working on counter surfing, settling on their bed, or other skills in the house, or might mean we take your puppy to work on leash skills in the neighborhood. 

We only offer tutoring to families who are already doing regular private lessons with us and would like some extra, well, tutoring! 

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