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Austin Area Dog Trainer List

Check out some of the awesome training organizations in Austin!


If someone's on this list, it's because (to the best of our knowledge), they:

  • They use modern, science-based methods

  • They train ethically using positive reinforcement and reward-based methods (and don't use tools like shock or prong collars)

  • They hold and pursue appropriate certifications for their work

  • They are currently accepting clients

*Every Dog Behavior and Training

General Austin Area (or virtual)

A range of private training and classes, from puppy/manners to aggression to specialty. Financial assistance available, Spanish services too!

Austin Puppy

Austin Area

Private training and classes

Conscious Dog Training

Central and North Austin

Private training focusing on higher level behavior cases, limited availability

Fetch Worthy

Austin Area

Private training on a range of behaviors.

Kim the Dog Trainer

South Austin

Now specializing in separation anxiety, usually treated virtually.

Paz- Veterinary Behavior

West Austin

Dr. Krista Sirois is a veterinary behaviorist we work with closely. She sees both dog and cat clients!

Sweet Potato Dog Training

Austin Area

Private training

1UP Dog Training

North (Round Rock, Cedar Park, GTown)

Group classes, day training

Bond Dog Training

Central and South Austin

Private training with a focus on high level behavior consulting (eg aggression, anxiety) and separation anxiety

Dog Possible

General Austin Area

Mostly private training with some classes. Great for high level behavior cases (eg resource guarding, aggression) and reactivity.

Hearts and Paws


Tons of classes including nosework and more

Koinonia Training

North Austin , Round Rock, Cedar Park

Private training with lots of support for puppies and manners

Positive Canine Company

Austin Area

Private Training

The Canine Center

Southwest Austin facility

A range of classes and private training

Austin Dog Zone

Central and North Austin

Private training, day training and outings/field trips.

Both Ends of the Leash

Southwest Austin

Private training and behavior

Enlightened Hounds

Austin Area

Board and train, privates, and group classes.

Just Love the Dog

Austin Area

Private Training

Pawsitive Dimensions

Virtual only

Great for virtual behavior consulting with dogs and for cats!

South Austin Dog Center

South Austin facility

Multi-week day training programs at their facility, great for behavior cases.

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