Private Dog Training

Sometimes you just need some one-on-one support! Work with one of our trainers to help you and your dog succeed.

Whether you're working on puppy training, wanting to learn some basic skills, or working through issues like fear or aggression, our team is here to help.

Ready to take the first step? Fill out the private training form so we can set you up with the right trainer!

**We know that cost can be a barrier to getting training. Need financial assistance? Just ask! 


getting started

Once you fill out the private training form, we'll get you the information you need to book your first consultation.


This session (usually virtual) will give us time to learn about what's going on, come up with a plan, and get to work.


Depending on your training plan, you might  do virtual, in-person, or a mix of both! 

Virtual:  $95 /hr

In-person:  $125  /hr

Need financial assistance? Just ask! 


We'll work to get you the support you need. Please bear in mind that our trainers have different skill sets, availability, and service areas- so we'll always work as a team to help you and your dog. And if we aren't the right fit, we'll help get you referrals.

our methods

All of our trainers use positive reinforcement and rewards-based methods. This is based on the most up-to-date behavior science! 

We're also dedicated to supporting you, the humans, not just the dogs!

We can help you and your dog succeed. 

Whether you want to learn some new things or work through some problems, our team is here.

basic manners
  • leash manners

  • coming when called

  • greeting people politely

  • potty training

  • puppies!

  • sit, down, stay, etc

  • counter surfing

behavior help
  • aggression

  • reactivity

  • anxiety

  • resource guarding

  • fear

  • stranger danger

  • vet visits

Not Sure What You Need?

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