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Private Manners Training

Your dog is already pretty great- but maybe you want to teach them something new! Or maybe you're having some issues with things like walking on leash, jumping on people, or counter surfing. We can help!

**We know that cost can be a barrier to getting training. Need financial assistance? Just ask! 

You can book your first session at our Community Center now! ($125 for 1hr)

No problem! Just fill out our Private Training Request form and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


getting started

Depending on what you need, you'll either book a consultation or fill out a training form. 

The consultation will give us time to learn about what's going on and come up with a plan- then get to work!

Happy Dog Every Dog Behavior and Training


Training prices depend on the service!

  • Initial Virtual Consultation: $125 for 1hr15m


In-Person Private Session:

  • $150/hr in home

  • $125/hr at the Community Center

Need financial assistance? Just ask! 

Happy Trained Dog Every Dog Behavior and Training


We'll work to get you the support you need. Please bear in mind that our trainers have different skill sets, availability, and service areas- so we'll always work as a team to help you and your dog. And if we aren't the right fit, we'll help get you referrals.

Small Terrier Every Dog Behavior and Training

our methods

All of our trainers use positive reinforcement and rewards-based methods. This is based on the most up-to-date behavior science! 

We're also dedicated to supporting you, the humans, not just the dogs!

Not Sure What You Need?
Book a free 15-minute information call to figure out what training plan is right for you.

Helping you and your dog succeed. 

Our private puppy training can help with things like:

  • coming when called

  • walking nicely on leash instead of pulling

  • greeting people politely

  • counter surfing

  • crate training

  • leave it or drop it

  • learning to settle

Check out our in-person service area! If you live outside this area, we're happy to work with you virtually.

Map If Austin TX

Why train with Every Dog?

Our trainers use positive reinforcement methods and are dedicated to using the most modern, effective, and ethical training methods to help you and your dog. Our trainers are certified and do continuing education with conferences, workshops, and mentorships to make sure they stay on top of their game.

Where do private lessons take place?

We usually start with a virtual consultation, and can work with you virtually or in-person after that. In-person sessions are usually at your home, but can also happen at a meeting point (like a park) or at one of our training locations. Ask your trainer what would be best!

How many dog training sessions do I need?

It totally depends on the behaviors we're working on, how much time you have to practice in between sessions, etc. Most training takes time, and we don't set specific timelines because we want to give you the best help.

Do you use prong collars, shock collars, or choke collars?

No. We don't find that they're useful, and they can negatively impact our training plans. But if you've been using one, don't panic- you're not alone, and we're still happy to help you find solutions that work.

What areas of Austin do you work in?

Our trainers and behavior consultants are across Austin. While we cover most of the general Austin area, we will offer virtual options or ask to meet part way if you're outside our service area.

Can you teach my dog not to pull on leash, potty in the house, or jump on people?

Yes! We love working on overcoming these annoying, frustrating behaviors- all through teaching your dog new ways to succeed. It's FUN and we're happy to help train your dog!

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