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Frequently Asked Questions

Why non-profit? Are you a 501(c)3?

We opened as a non-profit because we want to have the most impact possible on our community. We don’t want to compete with the awesome existing trainers in the area- we want to amplify their efforts and help fill gaps in service. It’s SUPER important to us to stay focused on our mission of providing accessible behavior support for people and dogs who often miss out. We are very excited to say we received our 501c3 designation in late 2020!

What's your training philosophy?

We believe that dog training and behavior should always follow both science and ethics. Our team stays up to date on behavior research, applied behavior analysis, and learning theory. We also believe that training should be fun, and want you and your dog to enjoy your lives together. We focus on positive reinforcement when training, and avoid the use of prong, choke, or shock collars and other compulsion-based training methods.

Why should I train with you?

Well, we’re pretty awesome! We offer great services to help you and your dog, and have experienced trainers and behavior specialists. But also, because we’ll HAPPILY refer you to someone else if we think they’re a better fit. We’re here to help you.

Can you guarantee to fix my dog in one lesson?

Nope. Every dog and every situation is different. We don’t make guarantees or timelines because we want to work with you and your dog in a responsible way. We use effective, efficient training methods, and won’t lie to you about time lines just to “sell” you on training.

What kinds of dogs do you work with?

We like dogs. You know, doggos. Puppers. Doges. We work with all types of dogs! Whether you’ve got a rescue dog or a purebreed, big or small, floofy or short-coated, we’ve got you covered. We work with puppies, dogs who just need some manners or want to learn tricks, and dogs with behavior issues.

Do you offer any discounts or financial aid?

We do! We know that dog training can be expensive, and don’t want finances to prevent people from getting the support they need. If you need some help to afford training with us, please fill out the Financial Assistance Request form so we can figure something out. No invasive questions- just let us know what you need, and we'll make it happen.

Why should I donate?

Your donation does SO much. It can help cover discounts for people who can’t afford regular training costs. It can rent a room at a community center or hire an expert trainer so we can offer free workshops. Your gift can help us offer new programs that specifically help pets in need, or work with local shelters and rescues.

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