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Puppy Day School

Join our half-day puppy day training program to give your puppy a good start! Your puppy will get enrichment, exercise, socialization, and training!


Our certified dog trainers will help your puppy get off to a good start or hone the skills you've already been building.

*Day School is for puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months.

Puppy Day School Details

Cost: $150 per day

Drop off: Between 8:00am - 8:30am
Pick up: Between 12:00pm - 12:30pm


Every Dog Community Center

7020 E Hwy 290 Bldg 2

Austin, TX 78723

Sign up and save $60 when you buy a pack of 4 Puppy Day School days for $540 

Skills and Training

Skills we can work on include:

  • crate training

  • puppy biting/nipping

  • polite greetings

  • recalls

  • sit, down, wait, leave it

  • leash walking

Enrichment and Socialization

Your puppy will have play time and enrichment one-on-one with a trainer. If appropriate, we may match your puppy with another for play sessions.


We'll send you a homework assignment after each session so you can continue to work on these behaviors at home.  We recommend booking private training sessions or group classes in combination with day school!

Looking for other options for puppies under 6 months old?
No problem!

Frequently Asked Questions About Puppy Day School

What are the benefits of puppy day training?

The idea of day training is simple: we do the work for you! Ok, not entirely, but it's a great start. Raising a puppy is hard work, and exhausting, and sometimes you just need a little extra help. With our puppy day training option, you drop your puppy off with us to get about 4 hours of fun (while you get 4 hours of freedom!). During this time, your pup will be getting valuable socialization, enrichment, and working on some important puppy skills, all courtesy of our professional dog trainers.

Does my puppy need to be enrolled in a group class or private training to be eligible?

Nope, you can choose Day School as your only option with us. However, we strongly recommend it as an add-on to a group puppy training and socialization class (like Kindergarten or First Grade) or private 1-on-1 training with one of our trainers. 

Do I need to send my puppy every week? Or can I try it once?

You can send your puppy one time, or go weekly. You'll save if you buy a pack of 4 sessions, but you can go as much or as little as you'd like. We DO recommend signing up early, as Puppy Day School fills up fast!

When should I start my puppy in Day School or other puppy training classes?

As soon as possible, around 8 weeks if able! Puppies go through a critical socialization period until about 12 weeks, so it's essential to get them into safe, appropriate socialization opportunities asap. Puppies do NOT need to be fully vaccinated to attend classes. They should have received at least their first round of vaccinations, 7 days prior to class. To learn more about these policies, check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists guidelines on Puppy Socialization

How do you keep puppies safe if they're not fully vaccinated?

We're careful to ensure that our already-strong cleaning protocols are especially solid for puppies with their vulnerable immune systems. Our facility is cleaned immediately before Day School using hospital-grade sanitizer.

Can you promise that my puppy will get to play with other puppies?

Nope! Puppy Day School is only open for a small number of puppies each day, and we can never guarantee that the participating puppies will be a good match. Getting good, positive socialization is MUCH more important to us than quantity, so puppies will only play together if we think they will be a good fit.

What training will my puppy do in Day School?

In addition to puppy socialization and enrichment, puppies will also get 1-on-1 training sessions during day school. Common topics for training include skills like: sit, lay down, leave it, drop it, place (or go to mat), learning their name, recalls (coming when called), and leash walking. You can let us know what skills you're hoping to work on with your puppy! Our trainers will also help with things like reducing puppy biting, greeting people without jumping, learning to settle, and other life skills.

Why is Puppy Day School only available at your north Austin location?

Our Community Center (North) location is all Every Dog, all the time. But we're lucky to be borrowing space in South Austin out of Work and Woof to run classes on evenings and weekends. However, because they run their regular doggie daycare and co-working program during the day, we aren't able to add a south Day School option.

Why choose Puppy Day School over a traditional daycare?

First and foremost, most day cares do not accept baby puppies (for good reason!). While daycare can be great for many adult dogs, most day care options are risky for puppies. Group play with other dogs isn't always a good fit for each puppy, and many daycares have staff with limited training on dog body language and how to keep puppies feeling safe. Day School is a great option because of the qualified trainers, 1-on-1 time, and focus on enrichment and training as part of socialization!

Sign up for Puppy Day School today!
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