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Dog Training Resource Library

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These are some of our favorite go-to videos, articles, books, and other resources to help you with common training and behavior issues.
  • Enrichment and Toys
    Canine Enrichment Facebook Group Kong Treat Toy- (if your dog is a strong chewer, buy the black Kong. If your dog is a milder chewer, you can go for the red one! Make sure you buy the larger sizes for larger dogs.) Snuffle Mats- there are other versions of snuffle mats if you search around! Our favorite enrichment items from Amazon *Every Dog receives commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Canine Enrichment Webinar- from South Austin Dog Center for Every Dog
  • Reactive Dogs
    Reactive Dogs Webinar- Sarah Bond for Every Dog CARE for Reactive Dogs - Counter Conditioning and Desensitization Reactive Dogs - Facebook group Emergency U-Turn- Joyful Dog The Engage-Disengage Game- Karen Pryor Academy Understanding Thresholds- Suzanne Clothier Threshold Diagram- Suzanne Clothier Stress Scale- Grisha Stewart Look At That Summary- Leslie McDevitt BAT 2.0- Grisha Stewart Struggling with reactivity? Book a private training session.
  • Puppy Socialization and Training
    Puppy Socialization Checklist- Every Dog Behavior and Training (or email us at for the list!) Starting Socialization BEFORE Finishing Vaccinations The Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten Positive Puppy Training and Support Facebook Group- Conscious Dog Training Puppy Socialization- Donna Hill Puppy Training- Training Positive Raising a Well Behaved Puppy- Training Positive Puppy Start Right Book- Dr. Ken Martin and Debbie Martin Conditioning to Vacuum Cleaner- From Dusk Till Dog Position Statement on Puppy Socialization- American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (on why you should start socialization early, even before your puppy has finished all of its boosters) Socialization During a Pandemic- Fear Free Pets Puppy Socialization During a Pandemic- My Fantastic Friend Setting Schedules and Routines- American Kennel Club Leash Training a Puppy- Pet Central Teaching Bite Inhibition- Dog Star Daily Puppy Biting- Simpawtico Bite Inhibition- Whole Dog Journal Puppy Teething- Ian Dunbar
  • Kids and Dogs
    Living With Kids and Dogs Doggone Safe Family Paws Parent Education The Family Dog Good Dog in a Box Kids and Dogs Webinar- Jenn Burns for Every Dog Need some help managing kids and dogs? Book a private training session.
  • Fearful Dogs
    Fearful Dogs - Site all about working with fearful dogs Desensitization to Noises- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Confidence Building- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Stress Scale- Grisha Stewart If you have a fearful dog, let us help! Check out our class schedule for upcoming fearful dog classes, or Book a private training session.
  • Touch or Targeting
    Touch for a Fearful Dog- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Touch Target Training- Kikopup How and Why to Teach Hand Targeting- Laurie Luck
  • Separation Anxiety
    If your dog is struggling with separation anxiety, PLEASE reach out for help. We have an excellent separation anxiety specialist on staff! Request a consultation Separation Anxiety Treatments Webinar- Alexandra Dilley Is It Really Separation Anxiety? - Dr. Moira Hechenleitner Separation Anxiety Webinar- Tracy Krulik for Every Dog Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Kim Roche (Austin) Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Sarah Bond (Austin)
  • Potty Training
    Housetraining Tutorial- Training Positive How to Potty Train a Dog- Dr. Sarah Richardson, Whole Dog Journal If you have a puppy, consider a Kindergarten class!
  • Dealing With Distractions
    Working Around Distractions- Kamal Fernandez Focus/Eye Contact With Distractions- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Treat Value Matters- Every Dog Behavior and Training Dealing with Distractions- Every Dog Behavior and Training
  • Impulse Control and Calm
    Training a Hyperactive Dog to Calm Down- Whole Dog Journal Capturing and Building Calmness- Kikopup Dogs Who Jump- Chirag Patel Waiting at the Door- Calm Canine Academy Behavior Around Food- Chirag Patel Training "Wait" With the Food Bowl- Pat Miller How to Train Calmness- Training Positive Relaxation Protocol- Dr. Karen Overall, via Canine Behavior Science Lowering Arousal- Dee Ganley
  • Leave It/Drop It
    Leave It- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Leave It- Elizabeth Kennedy, The Bark Wait, Drop It- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Drop It and Structured Play- Calm Canine Academy Drop It- Kikopup
  • Loose Leash Walking
    We often offer Leash Walking classes! Check to see when the next one is happening. Loose Leash Walking- Training Positive Techniques and Equipment for Strong Pullers- Michael Shikashio Leash Walking- Whole Dog Journal The Importance of Sniffing on Walks- Pet MD Teaching "Go Sniff"- Atta Pup! Teaching "Let's Go"- Eileen and Dogs
  • Crate Training
    Training a Dog to Settle- Training Positive How to Crate Train- Training Positive Crate Training 1- Kikopup Crate Training 2- Kikopup Place- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Crate Training- Grisha Stewart
  • Essential Skills Like: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Name, Wait
    Check out our basic manners classes! Teaching Stay- Chirag Patel Sit, Down, and Stand Using Lures- Chirag Patel Down and Recall- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Down/Stay- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training The Name Game- FACT Academy Wait- Whole Dog Journal Teaching Wait- SassyT Canine Academy Wait- Savvy Dog Training Release Cues- Darcy the Dog Trainer
  • Veterinary Behavior and Medication
    What is a Veterinary Behaviorist- American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Dr. Krista Sirois (Austin) Dr. Ken Martin (Austin Area) Dr. Lore Haug (Houston Area) The Use of Medications in Canine Behavior Therapy- Dr. Ilana Reisner Medication as a First-Line Therapy- Jen Summerfield, DVM, AVSAB Behavioral Medications for Fearful Dogs- Fearful Dogs Understanding Behavior Altering Drugs- Whole Dog Journal Don't "ACE" the Fear- Marty Becker, DVM Nonprescription Calming Aids- Pet MD Common Myths of Veterinary Behavior- Dr. Amy Pike Psychiatric Medication for Pets- Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB CBD- the "miracle drug"-Dr. Leslie Sinn, DVM, DACVB If you're struggling with behavior issues, PLEASE reach out for help as soon as possible. Book a private training session.
  • Handling, Vet Visits, and Cooperative Care
    What is Cooperative Care- The IAABC Journal Cooperative Veterinary Care Facebook GroupPositive Veterinary Care Position Statement- American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Fear Free Pets Conditioning to a Harness- Chirag Patel Cooperative Care Nose Target- Chirag Patel Teaching Paw Handing- From Dusk Till Dog Conditioning to a Head Halter- Ahimsa Dog Training Fitting a Head Halter- Jean Donaldson Cooperative Care Webinar- Heather Clever for Every Dog Cooperative Care Unleashed Webinar- Dr. Linlin Cao for Every Dog
  • Muzzle Training
    Muzzle Up Project- overall resource on muzzles Conditioning a Muzzle- Chirag Patel Muzzle Training- Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training Choosing a Muzzle- Michael Shikashio Need some help choosing a muzzle or training your dog to love it? Book a private training session.
  • Breaking Down Common Myths
    Dominance Position Statement- AVSAB Dominance Debunked- Training Positive Debunking the "Alpha Dog" Theory- Pat Miller, Whole Dog Journal Use of Punishment in Dog Training- Zazie Todd, Companion Animal Psychology
  • Harnesses and Other "Stuff""
    Check out our favorites on Amazon *Every Dog receives commissions for purchases made through links in this post.
  • Deaf and Blind Dogs
    Deaf Dogs Deaf Dogs Rock Blind Dog Training
  • Great Behavior Blogs and Info
    Dogmantics- Emily Larlham Peaceable Paws- Pat Miller Patricia McConnell, PhD Whole Dog Journal ASPCA Pet Care Dogster Dogwise Companion Animal Psychology Reisner Veterinary Behavior Animal Behavior College American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) Dog Body Language at Silent Conversations
  • Fun and Games!
    A Beginner's Guide to Agility- 3 Lost Dogs Agility Training Tips- Affordable Agility
  • Clicker and Positive Reinforcement Training
    Rewarding What You Want- Dogminded Clicker Training- Best Friends What is Clicker Training?- Karen Pryor Academy Starting Clicker Training- Kikopup Want to start training with your dog? Book a private training session.
  • Dealing with "Naughty" Behaviors"
    How to Stop Attention Seeking Behavior- Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM, DACVB Preventing Counter Surfing- Best Friends Jumping While Greeting- Whole Dog Journal Training Dogs Not to Jump- FACT Academy Creating Calm Greetings- Whole Dog Journal
  • Resource Guarding
    Working With Resource Guarding- Trish McMillan How to Prevent and Fix Resource Guarding- Everything Dog How to Teach Your Dog to Share- Grisha Stewart Resource guarding behavior can be a serious safety issue. Please get help as soon as possible. Book a private training session.
  • Canine Good Citizen
    Take our next CGC prep class! Look for availability Training Tips for the CGC Test- Dog Boys Take the Test- American Kennel Club
  • Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs"
    Bow Wow Therapy Dogs- The Dog Alliance Therapy Dogs- Divine Canines Differences Between SDs, TDs, ESAs- American Kennel Club Service Animal FAQs- Americans with Disabilities Act Differences between SDs, TDs, ESAs- ICAN Dogs
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