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Class Policies


All dogs must have up to date vaccinations on file with us. Please provide vaccinations by emailing Up to date vaccinations include Rabies, DHPP and bordetella. Puppies must have vaccinations appropriate for their age. Proof of titer is accepted for dogs 1+ years old. YOUR DOG WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN CLASS IF VACCINATION RECORDS ARE NOT EMAILED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 



All dogs must be on leash at all times once entering the building. 

We want everyone to have a great time in our classes! For this reason, flexi leashes, prong collars, shock collars and choke collars will not be used in class. Flat collars or a harness, and a six foot leash are recommended.


Number of attendees and children:

We allow a maximum of 2 handlers per dog in the classroom. Children under the age of 14 are welcome to join their parents in class. Children 14+ are welcome to handle their dogs in class, with an adult present. 


Dogs who are barking or reactive:

We will do our best to accommodate dogs who are over excited or fearful in class. However, if the dog is disruptive to the point where it is affecting the experience of the other class members, we may ask you to leave the session early with a refund. We will then call you to discuss the best training path for you. If you are worried that your dog might not do well in a class setting, schedule a free 15-minute conversation with a trainer to determine best next steps for you:


Social distancing:

Please respect that not all dogs are comfortable meeting other dogs, and some dogs can be fearful, shy or over excited in a class setting. Keep your dog at least 6 feet away for all other dogs for the entirety of the class. 



You are welcome to cancel or reschedule your class up to 24 hours before the class start time. If we do not receive notice of cancellation prior to this time, you will be charged the full class fee. 


Clean up after your dog:

We will provide cleaning solution and paper towels if you need them!


What will you need to bring:

Please come equipped with a variety of small training treats. A treat pouch is highly recommended. Keep in mind that there will be several dogs in the room, so we don't recommend leaving belongings on the floor where they might get damaged.

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