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Basic Manners (South)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Mon 7:15pm, Sun 12pm



Manners is more than just obedience - it is about helping your dog make good choices!

In this class we help you communicate with your dog while teaching basic obedience skills. We'll learn some fundamental manners skills, like Sit, Down, Place, Drop It, Leave It and cues to help build focus.

We will also help troubleshoot common problem behaviors.

-Preventing jumping, counter surfing, and other "nuisance" behaviors

-How to stop pulling on leash

-Getting your dog to listen, even with distractions!

-How to build calm behavior when greeting new people

Class is on a rolling basis (you can start any week), and goes for 6 weeks. You can register for individual sessions as they work for your schedule!

All of our classes are taught by skilled trainers using positive reinforcement methods.

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