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Manners for Rowdy Dogs (North)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Weds 7pm, Fri noon, Sun 11am



Our Rowdy Manners class is for dogs who are super duper excited about the world, but can get a little distracted or overly enthusiastic. It's designed to help dogs learn how to focus and handle their excitement so they can be successful in a group class environment!

This class will cover some very basic skills like name recognition, sit, and touch- but will NOT cover topics like leash walking, recalls, or stays. Instead, it will cover relaxation strategies, focus-building exercises, and techniques for dealing with distractions.

This class is all about giving pups the extra support they need to handle being in a group class, so they can head into Basic Manners and really rock it.

This is NOT a reactive dog class! While dogs in Rowdy Manners may occasionally bark with a little extra excitement, this class is geared toward dogs who struggle with distractions, not those who are regularly reactive to other people or dogs. Class is on a rolling basis (you can start any week), and goes for 6 weeks. You can register for individual sessions as they work for your schedule!

All of our classes are taught by skilled trainers using positive reinforcement methods.

We reserve the right to remove a dog from class if the situation seems detrimental/unsafe for that dog or other dogs/people in class, and encourage you to set up a private consultation if you're unsure whether class would be a good fit.

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