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Manners for Rowdy Dogs (North)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Weds 7pm, Sun 11am



This class covers the basics, as well as strategies for dealing with distractions, and methods of handling situations where impulse control can be an issue. Class is on a rolling basis (you can start any week), and goes for 6 weeks. You can register for individual sessions as they work for your schedule!

All of our classes are taught by skilled trainers using positive reinforcement methods.

NOTE: if your dog demonstrates reactivity or has fear-based aggression/reactivity toward strangers or dogs, or is extremely uncomfortable in new environments, this group class might not be the best place to start.

We reserve the right to remove a dog from class if the situation seems detrimental/unsafe for that dog or other dogs/people in class, and encourage you to set up a private consultation if you're unsure whether class would be a good fit.

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