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Puppy First Grade (North)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Thurs 6pm, Sat 10am, Sat 3pm, Sun 1pm



When our puppies get older, we can sometimes see some "teenage" behaviors! This class will teach you how to keep your pup interested among distractions, work on manners, and troubleshoot problem behaviors.

Puppy First Grade is a great follow up to Puppy Kindergarten, but any puppy between 16 weeks and 6 months is welcome to join.

We'll learn some fundamental manners/obedience skills, like Sit, Down, Place, Drop It, and Leash Walking. If you've already been to a Puppy Kindergarten or Preschool, we'll start adding distractions to improve skills- but don't worry if your puppy is a beginner!

And we'll talk about solving common teenage puppy problems!

-How to get your puppy to stop biting

-How to help your puppy when they start pushing some boundaries

-Preventing jumping, counter surfing, and other teenage behaviors

-How to stop pulling on leash

-How to get puppies to listen, even with distractions!

-How to prevent future problems like resource guarding

-How to build calm behavior when greeting new people

Puppy First Grade guidelines:

-Puppies should be 4-6months old

-Puppies must be 7 days past their first set of vaccinations. You do not have to wait until your puppy’s vaccinations are complete. For more about this, please read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s position statement on puppy socialization.

-Puppies must be healthy/noncontagious to attend class

-Class is on a rolling basis (you can start any week), and goes for 6 weeks. You can miss and make up a class if needed. *Due to the age range for this class, there will NOT be a playgroup portion! If your pup is older than 6 months, please join the Basic Manners class! If your puppy is 8-14 weeks, check out our Puppy Kindergarten class! All of our classes are taught by skilled trainers using positive reinforcement methods.

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