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Puppy First Grade (North)




6 weeks

Date & Time:

Mon 6pm, Sat 10am, Sat 3pm, Sun 1pm



Puppy First Grade is a great follow up to Puppy Kindergarten, but any puppy between 15 weeks and 6 months is welcome to join.

Some of the skills you will learn in class include basic (puppy-level) versions of: Sit, Down, Stay, Leash Walking, Touch, Greetings, Wait, Mat/Place, Name Recognition, Recall, Leave It, Drop It. If you've already been to a Puppy Kindergarten, we'll start adding distractions to improve skills- but don't worry if your puppy is a beginner!

And we'll talk about solving common teenage puppy problems!

-How to get your puppy to stop biting

-How to help your puppy when they start pushing some boundaries

-Preventing jumping, counter surfing, and other teenage behaviors

-How to stop pulling on leash

-How to get puppies to listen, even with distractions!

-How to prevent future problems like resource guarding

-How to build calm behavior when greeting new people

Puppy First Grade guidelines:

-Puppies should be 15 weeks-6months old

-Puppies must be healthy/noncontagious to attend class

-Puppies should be fully up to date on their vaccinations

-Class is on a rolling basis (you can start any week), and goes for 6 weeks. You can miss and make up a class if needed. *Due to the age range for this class, there will NOT be a playgroup portion! If your pup is older than 6 months, please join the Basic Manners class! If your puppy is 8-14 weeks, check out our Puppy Kindergarten class! All of our classes are taught by skilled trainers using positive reinforcement methods.

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