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The Every Dog Community Center

The Community Center opened in January, 2023 as a space to serve as a hub for dog training resources in Austin.

It will be home base to Every Dog's group dog training classes, including everything from dog agility classes to puppy kindergarten to manners and obedience classes- and more!

But the Community Center will also provide opportunities for community events, hosting conferences, and gathering spaces for community members.

What Can You Do At The Community Center?

Sign Up for a Group Class

Join one of our group classes! Check out Confidence Building or Agility, Canine Good Citizen or Tricks. There are so many group training classes to choose from!

Rent the Space for an Event

Need a space to hold a conference or community event? Our training room is available for rent at a low cost to community organizations.

Schedule a Private Training

Whether you want to work on your dog's agility skills 1-on-1 with a trainer or work on something completely different, we can help- all from the community center!

Host a Meeting for Your Group

Whether it's a nonprofit board meeting, a continuing education event, or a team get together, we've got a conference room for you.

Rent the Space for Your Dog

Do you have a reactive dog and need someplace for them to run off-leash? Or just want a place to hang out in the air conditioning? You can rent our space to run!

Need Space for Something Else?

Just let us know! We've got space and a great passion for serving our community. If we can help, we will. Just let us know what you need!

The Details

The Community Center is located at:

7020 E Hwy 290, Bldg 2, Suite D

Austin, TX 78723

The total space is 5,030 square feet.

  • Training room: 2,500sf, roughly 57'x45' with composite rubber gym flooring

  • 2 full bathrooms

  • ADA accessible parking, ramps, and bathrooms

  • Conference room (up to 12 people)

  • HVAC heating and air conditioning

  • Sink, dishwasher, refrigerator

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