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LIFT Fellowship

In Fall 2022, we were honored to participate in the Longhorn Impact Fellowship at Texas through the University of Texas.

The Longhorn Impact Fellowship at Texas (LIFT) is a semester-long interdisciplinary consulting program for UT-Austin juniors, seniors, and grad students. Consultants work with a nonprofit, social enterprise, or corporation to solve a sustainability or impact-focused problem.


LIFT students worked on the project all semester.

The background:

The dog training space is predominantly White. If we want dog training to be a more inclusive space, recruiting and training BIPOC to become dog trainers is essential.

The project:

Research how other industries have actively increased diversity, and what has been successful. Based on this information, develop the plans for a BIPOC mentorship/apprenticeship program for Every Dog Austin to implement.


Meet the Students

Gloria Arizmendiz

Junior, International Relations and Global Studies

Alejandro (Alex) Hernandez

Masters, Global Policy Studies

Camryn Carreon

Junior, Economics and Psychology

Elizabeth Nguyen

Senior, Public Health

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