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Spring Clean Your Dog Training

a dog running through grass on a spring day
Spring Clean Your Dog Training

It's officially Spring! And for many folks, this means Spring Cleaning. It's the time of year when you might put away your winter clothes in favor of warmer weather outfits, get rid of expired items in your pantry, buy storage bins, or finally dust the corners that you've been ignoring all winter.

So, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning, here are some recommendations for your dog training!


  • A great dog trainer or behavior consultant! 

  • For example, having good storage shelves makes spring cleaning easier, and a professional dog trainer can make all the difference in meeting your training goals. Learn how to find a great trainer, or check out our Austin referral list.

  • Enrichment items your dog really loves!

  • Investing in items like Kongs, Toppls, Lickimats, or food puzzles can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. Check out some of our favorites!

Get Rid Of:

  • Unrealistic expectations of your dog. 

  • This is a great time to let go of ideas of who you want your dog to be in favor of recognizing who your dog actually is. Maybe they haven't loved daycare anymore or tremble when out on the town- this is a great time to adapt to their needs!

  • Unrealistic expectations for YOURSELF!

  • It's easy to feel guilty when you see Instagram influencers spending all their waking moments doing cool stuff for their dogs. But if you're reading this, you're a person who cares deeply about your dog and their well-being.


  • Plan out your behavior goals for the year!

  • Is this a good time to check out agility classes, or are you trying to give your dog a break from stressors?

  • Put treats in strategic locations! 

  • Hang a treat pouch with your dog's leash so you remember it on walks. Put containers on your desk to reward your dog for settling while you're working. Having treats in the right places will make your life so much easier!


  • Clean up your training techniques/mechanics!

  • Having great timing and skills for your training will help you achieve your goals this year! Check out our webinars on clean training and mechanics.

  • Get a clean bill of health!

  • The first step of training or behavior modification is to ensure your pup is feeling their best and rule out any medical issues that might be causing behavior problems or limiting success. If your dog has yet to have a checkup, this is a great time!


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