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Shelter Dog Classes

Shelter volunteers and staff- we love you!

Quick reminders: 

  • For regular classes, please send the dog's paperwork/notes to to get approval to join

  • For shelter dog specific classes, you can just join! 

  • Use your shelter's code at checkout:


Shelter Dog Enrichment Class

This class is built specifically for shelter dogs who need a break and something fun to do with their brains! Each class will be different, depending on the needs of the attending dogs. Some class topics will include: nosework, agility, tricks, pattern games, and more. While handlers will be honing their skills, this class will focus on giving shelter dogs enrichment to cope with shelter life.

What requirements are there for dogs in Shelter specific classes?

Dogs in these classes can have behavior issues, but should not have a history of offensive aggression or significant reactivity that would impact their class. Bite history may be ok so long as the circumstances are different from class: eg a dog that guards treats on the ground from their handler would likely not be a good fit for a group class, but a dog who bit when startled by a small child might be fine. 

Who can bring dogs to these classes?

Volunteers or staff must be authorized by the shelter to bring a dog off-site, and must be at/above the dog's handling level. Cheerleaders or second handlers are encouraged- please no more than 2 people per dog unless we talk first! 

How will classes be set up?

These classes are at our NORTH location (Community Center) where we have better control of the environment. We'll have barriers available for all dogs as needed. 

What about safety?

All dogs must be kept a minimum of 10 feet apart during class. Please don't approach other dogs in class (with or without a dog)! Please ensure that dogs have the appropriate harnesses, collars, leashes, etc and any safety equipment you may need. Please make good choices!

How does booking work?

These classes are drop-in/single session. Please book 24 hours in advance (the system won't let you book later). If you want to get added later, email me at to add you.

What do I need to bring?

Bring LOTS of small, stinky treats (we recommend a variety). I also recommend bringing a mat for your pup to lay on, and a water bowl. 

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