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Vaccination Policy

Policy: Because Every Dog Behavior and Training values the health and safety of every client and their dog(s), we require that all dogs have up-to-date vaccinations on record before they participate in our services.

**The above are general guidelines, and decisions on vaccinations should always be made with your personal veterinarian!

Vaccines given at home, by a breeder, or by other non-veterinary individuals or facilities should have valid stickers that MUST include: Vaccine NameManufacturer NameBatch or Lot #, and Expiration Date


  • Puppy Kindergarten: Puppies may begin Kindergarten class 7 days past their FIRST round of Distemper/Parvo and do not need to wait until fully vaccinated. This is per American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists (AVSAB) guidelines.

  • Puppy First Grade: While we generally require puppies to be fully up to date for First Grade, we understand that some puppies (for example, those adopted from rescues) may receive their first round of vaccinations later in life and still profoundly benefit from early socialization. Puppies may be allowed into class on a case-by-case basis 7 days past their first round of vaccines.

  • Bordetella: We highly recommend that all dogs in our classes be fully vaccinated against bordetella. However, we understand that some clients (with their veterinarians' guidance) may decide not to vaccinate for bordetella. Dogs may be allowed into class on a case-by-case basis without an up to date bordetella vaccine.

Vaccines should be uploaded and updated in the Client Portal.

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