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APA Foster Dog Classes

THANK YOU for fostering a dog!

We offer spots in our group training classes for APA foster dogs, free of charge. Here's how it works.

  1. Choose your situation (1, 2, or 3 below!)

  2. Read all the details about foster dog classes!

  3. When booking your class online, use the code APAFOSTER so the system doesn't charge you

  4. Help us keep this program going by writing us a review or making a donation!

1. I'm fostering a dog WITHOUT behavior issues

Great! You can sign up for one of our Basic Manners classes anytime. These classes are 6 weeks long and you can start anytime- and if you need to swap dates, we can do that, too.

2. I'm fostering a dog WITH behavior issues

That's ok! Depending on what's going ok, group classes may (or may not) be a good fit. Generally, dogs with on leash reactivity will struggle in class. But dogs with other behavior issues may still be able to attend class. For these dogs, email Miranda with the dog's notes.

3. I'm interested in taking a different class

Sweet! There are often other classes with spaces in them available for foster dogs. This will commonly include Confidence Building, Recalls, Leash Walking, and Polite Greetings.

Check out the schedule and email with the class you'd like to attend

*Note: Dogs with leash reactivity to people or dogs are not eligible for group classes.

What requirements are there for foster dogs?

Foster dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and meet the criteria for that class. Your 7yo foster can't go into puppy class, and your reactive pup can't go to basic manners! 

What if my foster dog has reactivity to dogs or people?

If your foster pup has behavior issues like on leash reactivity or a history of aggression toward people or dogs, or significant fear in new places, they are most likely not a good fit for group classes. Please reach out to APA for behavior resources for these pups!

Is complimentary private training also available to APA foster pups?

Every Dog provides access to free group classes, but not private training. However, APA does have private training resources and support!

How does class work?

Classes are taught by certified trainers using positive reinforcement methods. Please keep dogs at least 10 feet apart at all times (don't let pups approach on leash!)
Please make sure the dog is wearing the appropriate harness and/or martingale/flat collar in class.

We do not allow prong collars, e-collars, choke chains, or slip leads in class.

Where are the classes?

Classes are held at two locations:

NORTH: Community Center

7020 E Hwy 290 Bldg 2
Austin, TX 78723

SOUTH: Work and Woof
4930 S Congress Ave Bldg A

Austin, TX 78745

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