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Austin Dog Agility Classes

We're so excited to be offering dog agility classes at our Community Center in Austin, TX.


You can start with our beginner agility class, or even check out a single Intro to Agility class (one session) to see what you think. We offer intermediate and advanced agility classes, too- but we stay focused on FUN more than competition.

Intro to Agility

This 1-hour intro class will help you decide if agility training classes are right for your dog!

Agility 3 (Advanced)

Hone your agility skills with lots of work on building more complex courses!

Agility 1 (Beginner)

This 6-week class will introduce you and your dog to the basics of agility and the obstacles.

Puppy Agility

Try out the sport of agility with your puppy 3-10 months old while focusing on fun!

Agility 2 (Intermediate)

Hone your agility skills while beginning to work on building courses.

Puppy Agility 2

 For puppies who already aced Puppy Agility 1 and want to keep learning more!


Why Train Agility?

  1. It's a great way to have fun with your dog

  2. It's excellent exercise (for your dog, and for you!)

  3. It works on your dog's self control and obedience skills in a fun way

  4. It can help build confidence in your dog

Do I need to take the Intro?

While it's not 100% required, we highly recommend the Intro class! This is a great opportunity to check out the obstacles and see if your dog is ready to enter agility classes.

What requirements are there for agility?

Dogs need to have experience with basic manners, especially skills like sit, stay, and doing that even with distractions! Agility classes are a great fit for many dogs, but if your pup is reactive, has aggression toward other dogs or people, is extremely fearful, or is experiencing health issues, agility may not be the right fit. We do offer private lessons for pups who can't be in group classes, and can adjust the exercises to fit the needs of most dogs in that lesson.

Will you offer agility competitions?

Nope! Or at least, not formally. While we offer the basic skills that you can take with you into competition level agility, that's not what we do.

Do you think my dog would be good at agility?

Dog agility training is great for a lot of dogs, but it's hard to know without trying! Some dogs love all the obstacles from the beginning, and others take some time to get used to all the new things. The Intro Class is a great way to start!

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