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Affordable Dog Training in Austin

It can be stressful looking for training for your dog, especially in Austin where the cost of living can be so high. So let’s talk about affordable dog training options!

Why is Dog Training So Expensive?

There are really two reasons why, and we want to break them down. 

In an ideal world, the best dog training is expensive because of the trainer’s skill. These trainers are certified, up-to-date on modern training techniques, and know how to help your dog learn valuable skills. These trainers hold appropriate insurance, make ethical decisions to give you and your dog the time you need, and invest in continuing education. It’s common to see great dog trainers charging anywhere from $100-250 per hour (in Austin- this ranges a ton in other places!) for private training lessons. 

However, there’s sometimes a second reason: some trainers or training organizations will charge huge amounts, often requiring lump sum payments, with a guaranteed outcome. *As a reminder, we do not recommend any trainer that guarantees results: dog behavior can be complex, and guarantees typically indicate either shady methods or lack of knowledge (or both). Many of these programs use marketing and sales tactics that pressure folks into spending a lot of money.

If I See Cheap Dog Trainers, Should I Use Them?

There are some very valid reasons that excellent trainers might give discounted services–they could be trying a new class, branching into a new service area, or offering a community option. 

However, there are lots of trainers out there who offer rates that seem too good to be true.

The key is to go back to reviewing a dog trainer’s credentials and whether they’re actually a good fit for you! In many cases, these budget options are an example of “you get what you pay for,” and the trainers are unskilled or might actually make things worse. Remember that affordable dog training isn’t always the same as “cheap” dog training!

Can I Train My Dog for Free on TikTok or YouTube?

There’s actually some fantastic free dog training content on the internet! But there’s also some…. Not-so-great stuff. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to distinguish between the two! 

We always recommend looking for certified, positive reinforcement trainers.

 If you’re looking for free resources on dog training, check out these resources:

What About Group Dog Training Classes?

Group dog training classes are a very affordable way to work on tons of skills. Group classes are great for everything from puppy socialization to basic manners to things like coming when called, leash manners, or polite greetings. And because you’re in a group environment, the cost is less than a private training session. Group classes may range from $20-50 per hour (per session) and usually go for 4-8 weeks.

Financial Assistance for Dog Training With Every Dog

Every Dog has highly qualified trainers, and our training services are priced appropriately. However, as a 501c3 nonprofit we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to the affordable dog training they need. Anyone can use financial assistance discounts to book classes or private training, using whatever discount level they need. Those discounts are typically 20-50% off, but we offer deeper discounts for those in need.

We do not require any invasive questionnaires or specific income levels in order to use financial aid: we offer affordable dog training in Austin to anyone who needs it. 

All of our training is paid on a session-to-session basis or for individual classes, so there are no giant lump sum payments required. You only pay for the training you need. Have questions? Let us know!


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