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Coming When Called

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Recall tips! This is one of our most common complaints, but there are great ways to build an awesome “come” cue!

⏱practice recalls OFTEN, especially when you can immediately let your dog go back to the fun stuff! Make it a game!

🍕use high-value food rewards for recall (at least some of the time). Think chicken, cheese, etc

🔥avoid burning out your recall by only using it when “bad” things will happen. If you only call your dog to leave fun places or to do things they dislike, they’re going to stop coming!

😏 be sneaky about treats! To avoid dogs who only come when they know you have treats, try carrying something good in a different pocket, wrapped up, or otherwise hidden. When you ask your dog to come and magically make good stuff appear, they think “it’s always worth coming when called, even if I don’t see the treat bag!”

🚨if you aren’t sure if your dog will come when called, DON’T let them off leash in areas without a secure fence! You can practice using fenced in areas or on a long-line (a 15+ foot leash) until your dog’s recall is more reliable.

⚠️and as always, FOLLOW LEASH LAWS. Even if your dog has the perfect recall, please leash your dogs when required. This is for safety, and has a huge impact on other dogs/owners whose dogs might not appreciate another pup coming to say hi. Leash your dog whenever you’re not in a designated off-leash area.

Need some help working on your recall? Book a Basic Manners session with us! Or you can check out our Recalls Class!


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