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Community Center Updates!

It has been a wild ride these past 4 months! In December 2022, we started making the Community Center dream come true. This included installing specialized rubber flooring in the training room, to make sure dogs doing agility training have soft ground to land on and that sanitization is easy for keeping puppies safe during kindergarten.

An awesome team of volunteers also helped us build "pause tables" for agility (like raised stations for dogs to sit and stay on) and "visual barriers" to help give dogs a little extra space to focus without distractions. And of course, we added some decorations to the wall to remind us of the impact that dog training can have.

We were SO EXCITED for agility equipment day. We've got custom dog agility training equipment, from the A Frame to weaves and jumps. This equipment allows us to run agility training classes indoors (out of the chaotic Austin weather!) with 2,500 square feet of space to run. This makes us the largest indoor dog agility training spot in Austin.

We've got both private and group agility options, for beginners or those working on courses!

With the opening of the community center, we've been able to add additional puppy kindergarten classes. These classes are a safe option for puppy socialization for puppies starting at 8-14 weeks, and we highly recommend them for new puppies!

We've also got some new class options. If you're working on manners and obedience, we've got you covered. Does your dog pull on leash? Check out Leash Walking class! If they don't come when called, Recalls class is for you. And if your dog likes jumping up on people, try our Polite Greetings class.

We've also added a Teenage Manners class that's perfect for adolescent dogs who have a hard time listening to their people, especially when distracted. So if your dog jumps, pulls, counter surfs, etc- this would be a great one for you! We'll still teach the basics like how to sit, down, and stay- but in a class built specifically for rowdy teenagers.

Come visit our Community Center at 7020 E Hwy 290, Building 2!


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