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Dog Enrichment Basics

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Enrichment is one of our very favorite topics! Dogs need stuff to DO, especially with their brains. We tend to focus on physical exercise (which is great!) but mental stimulation can be really, really beneficial for our doggos.

Some things to keep in mind with enrichment:

  • It should be enriching to YOUR dog! Not every dog likes the same puzzles or games.

  • There are more types of enrichment than just food- some dogs like digging, shredding, chewing, sniffing, etc. So finding them outlets for these behaviors is so important!

  • Enrichment doesn't have to be expensive- there are SO many different things to try.

  • Watch for your dog's frustration level. You want to choose enrichment that your dog feels comfortable exploring and trying out, but not to the point where they get frustrated or give up.

In this post, we're going to focus on some simple food/sniffing based enrichment. Here are some of our favorite, easy options!

  • Snuffle Mats- great for feeding treats or kibble!

  • Kongs- great for stuffing with good stuff and freezing it!

  • Toppl- same as the Kong!

  • LickiMats- great for smearing peanut butter or similar stuff, and you can freeze if you want!

  • Food Puzzles

  • Busy Boxes- use cardboard boxes with treats in them. You can stack them inside each other, and leave them open (or closed) depending on your dog's skill level!

Check out our Amazon list of our favorite enrichment items. And don't forget to make us your Amazon Smile Charity- Amazon will donate a part of your purchases to Every Dog!

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