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Dog Sociability is a Spectrum

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

**When we first posted about this in March 2021, we had NO idea it would go so far. This post has been seen more than a million times on Facebook and more on Instagram, and another version has been seen even more often. We're not sharing this with you because we're proud, but because this topic resonated with SO MANY PEOPLE. Not every dog loves other dogs, and that's ok. If your dog doesn't love other dogs, you're ok. And you're not alone. Ok, original post below.**

Guys, we need to normalize “dog selective” dogs.

I’ve had so many clients recently who are upset or worried that their dog is selective. Maybe they dislike unaltered males in their space, get upset when other dogs steal their tennis balls, can’t be around small dogs, or have just a couple dog friends.

These dogs are NORMAL! But we see super social “Zilker Park Dogs” everywhere, and think that’s because they’re so common. They’re not. They’re just the ones we see- because they’re the ones who thrive in big public park environments!

MOST of our dogs are selective and have some criteria for who they want to hang out with and how. Just like some people want to go to Coachella, and other people prefer book club. Those things are both ok!

If you have a selective dog, don’t worry. You are NOT alone!!

Need some help with your selective dog? Book a private training session! **PS, you may also have seen this version on the interwebs! We're not sure who made it, but think they did a great job (and are thankful they credited us!)


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