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"Should I Bring My Dog?"

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We know folks love to bring their dogs with them- to bars, restaurants, hikes, parks, etc. but when you’re deciding if you should bring your dog, you have to ask 3 very important questions. *

1️⃣is my dog going to enjoy this? Are they going to wiggle and wag and have a great time, or just tolerate the event? Are they going to be stressed and hide under the table, shaking and whining? If your dog isn’t going to have a good time- don’t bring your dog!

2️⃣ are other people and dogs there going to appreciate your dog’s presence? Is your pup going to steal food off of strangers’ plates, or growl and snap at everyone within a 20 foot radius? If your dog is going to make life uncomfortable for other people/dogs at this event, it’s a good idea not to bring them.

3️⃣ are YOU going to enjoy having your dog with you? Or are you going to be worried about their behavior, constantly wondering if they’re ok, and always in hypervigilant management mode? If it’s going to add stress, you may not want to bring your pup!

If you didn’t get a wholehearted YES to fun for your dog, others, and yourself, you might want to leave Fido at home!

*note: of course there are exceptions (as always)! If you’re talking about going to the vet or other mandatory things, you may have to go even if it’s going to be somewhat stressful! And also, if you have a working dog or service dog, your considerations will be different. But for pet/companion dogs and just-for-fun events, this checklist should apply!

If you're not sure, or need some personalized advice for your pup, book a private session!


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