Our Team

Miranda Hitchcock

Founder, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA,
Fear Free Certified 

Miranda began her work with dogs as a volunteer at an animal shelter in Maryland, and then taught puppy classes and reactive/fearful dog classes  before moving to Austin. Among her shelter work, she was the Shelter Operations Manager for Austin Animal Center and oversaw the shelter's behavior program and animal care. Miranda is a "behavior nerd" who's passionate about equity and access in the dog world.  Miranda is currently completing her Master's Degree in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from Virginia Tech. (She/Her)


Michele Mendoza

A lifelong dog lover, Michele started dog walking and pet sitting to earn extra money while working in corporate marketing roles. A long-term client opened her eyes to positive reinforcement training and inspired her to learn more about dog behavior. In 2010, she left the corporate world to start a training facility of her own, training thousands of dogs everything from manners to agility. After selling the business, she worked on the Behavior Team at Austin Animal Center and connected with Miranda over a shared passion for dog behavior. (She/Her)

Founder, CPDT-KA


Eric Tarango

Trainer, CPDT-KA (+ Spanish)

Eric began dog training when he rescued his own dog who had resource guarding issues. In 2014 he moved to Austin, a dog loving city that helped him grow as a trainer. He shadowed a service dog trainer for a couple of years and was inspired to learn how animals thought and how they see the world. He started working as a dog trainer, teaching basic manners classes and private lessons for several years. He has helped and worked with thousands of dogs, and has a passion for learning about behavior problems and treatments in dogs. (He/Him)


Jane Howard


Jane has dedicated the last decade of her life to creating and improving the bond between humans and their animals. She trained hearing, mobility, and companion dogs on everything from the very basics through advanced commands (like opening cabinet doors and alerting owners to ringing telephones and fire alarms). She has a deep understanding of canine temperament and body language earned by work for Service Dogs Inc. Her favorite dogs to work with are shy puppies that just need a little boost of confidence to reach their full potential. (She/Her)


Raaka Mori


Raaka has always had a passion for animals, especially canids. In 2013, she got a job at a doggie daycare and has been working with dogs ever since. Inspired by her first dog, Caiya, who has aggression issues, she then dove into the world of canine behavior and training. Raaka is an honors graduate of Animal Behavior College’s dog training program, as well a Fear-Free certified trainer. She is fascinated with all things dog and continues to train her own pups Nova, Joey, and Bonnie while assisting classes and clients at Every Dog. (She/Her)

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Supna Desai

Assistant Trainer, Events

Supna discovered her love of training through working with her own dogs- Sophie, Augie, and Tod. Now she’s a fierce advocate for humane training. With a background in social work, she believes that everyone should have access to professional behavior support to help build bonds between people and their dogs. She’s committed to learning and meeting people where they’re at. (She/Her)


Andrea Carter


Andrea’s first job working with dogs was as a kennel tech at a small board & train facility, and her experiences volunteering with shelter dogs created a space in her heart for dogs who need friends the most. After teaching group classes at a pet store for 7 years she completed the Karen Pryor Academy to deepen her understanding of training. Volunteering with Service Dogs Inc. and working at the Austin Animal Center on the Behavior Team helped ignite a desire to keep learning even more about why dogs do what they do, and how we can help them fit into our lives successfully. (She/Her)

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Steven Tallas

Trainer, CDTK

Steven has seven years of professional experience in dog training and behavior, and is a Certified Fear Free Professional. His specialties include adult dog obedience, socialization, and behavior modification. Steven is a graduate of the Master's Program at CATCH Canine Trainer's Academy, an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and student in the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI). He's the founder of Venture Dog Training, a business aimed to help pet owners build a better relationship with their dog through education, communication, and shared adventures. (He/Him) 


Lorian Epstein

Class Assistant and Admin

After college, Lorian became a certified Petco dog trainer, utilizing positive reinforcement methods and teaching private and group training classes. She then worked at AAC, with everything from foster, to behavior and enrichment, to education.Today, Lorian and her adopted dog Biski help teach other dogs and their humans about science-based training, how to handle reactive melt-downs, the wonders of dog enrichment and dog-human partner activities, and together they hope to make a difference and improve the lives of dog families everywhere. (She/Her)


Heather Clever

Trainer, CPDT-KA

As a young adult, Heather stumbled across a counter-conditioning video by the late Dr. Sophia Yin. The epiphany from that video--that behavior could be changed in systematic, measurable ways--changed her life. She left her university vertebrate zoology studies to pursue dog behavior and training full-time. She completed the Animal Behavior College and started her own training business in Phoenix, AZ. She moved to Austin in 2014 and became a Senior Trainer for Train My Dogs Austin. She loves that there is always something new to learn in dog training, and strives to help dog owners create more harmonious relationships with their dogs through compassionate and science-based practices. (She/Her)

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Luis Herrera

Trainer (+ Spanish)

Luis began his career as a dog trainer in Mexico in 2000, practicing Schutzhund at the Police Academy. He then taught group classes in Cancun, and worked with rescue groups. In 2010 he moved to Austin and worked as an adoption counselor with Austin Pets Alive. In 2011 he began to work at the Austin Animal Center doing community outreach.He has participated in different seminars and conferences, always with the idea of learning different techniques that make the dog-owner relationship better. (He/Him)


Kelley Corson

Trainer, KPA-CTP, Fear Free

Kelley made the move to Austin from New Hampshire to help foster her need to help more dogs and their owners. After years of working for the New Hampshire SPCA, Kelley found her passion for helping dogs through behavior work. Kelley graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior. In addition, Kelley is Fear Free Shelter Certified and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) to help foster her passion to learn. Her number one priority when training dogs is that the dog is happy and comfortable in their environment. To Kelley, training isn’t all about learning to sit, but also building a lasting relationship. (She/Her)


Samantha Stratton

Events volunteer

Samantha has loved animals since she was a kid, and this grew into an interest in dog behavior through volunteering at a local shelter and working with her own dogs, Kona and Milo. During her early days of dog ownership, she often felt overwhelmed with navigating behaviors and training methods, which sparked a passion for helping others find the resources they need to develop their skills and build a wonderful relationship with their dogs. (She/Her)

Holley_Image (1).png

Holley Truitt

Trainer, Fear Free Elite

Holley is a Fear Free certified technician and trainer who's passion lies at the crossroads of veterinary medicine and behavior. They advocate for patients who are misunderstood, nervous, or reactive.  Holley works to build a foundation of trust with these pets so that they can receive the outstanding patient care they deserve. Holley is helping lead the charge on our Vet Clinic Classes, helping dogs (and their people) love the vet. (They/Them)

Our Board Members

Brad Groff

Brad has 30 years of sales and marketing experience and was previously co-owner of Zoom Room Austin. He has worked at Apple Inc. for close to 20 years, currently in Business Development and Sales Operations. Brad is the proud owner of 4 rescue mutts and one stubborn dachshund. (He/Him)


Joshua Lee

Joshua has several years of experience working in marketing and community outreach. He previously worked for two Austin area nonprofit organizations in animal rescue and dog training, and is currently a Marketing Specialist with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. He has 3 adorable rescue pups, Monkey, Winston, and Penny. (He/Him)


LaTonya Jeffery

LaTonya has over 16 years of proficiency participating in all phases of software development. She is currently Lead Business Architect/Principal Consultant at Advance Business Group, LLC. LaTonya has two lovable Portuguese Water Dogs, Koda and Karly and has developed a love of dog training. (She/Her)


Christina DePuy

Christina is Texas born and raised, with a degree from Texas A&M. She has a passion for strategic planning and building partnerships. She has always had animals, and has volunteered with local rescues for many years. Now she lives with her adopted pup Dixie, who wants to murder skateboards/delivery trucks and loves treats. (She/Her)


Chris Warwick

Chris has over 20 years of marketing experience. She is currently VP Consumer Marketing and Program Design at Kasasa, and Chief Marketer at Pod Network & STEMconnector. Chris has rescued a variety of animals over the years, including horses, goats and sheep. She lives with two amazing great danes. (She/Her)


Jess Mills

Originally from Austin, Jess worked in the New York City Mayor's Office for four years and has an MBA from the University of Texas. Currently, he is the Founder and Principal of Rivercity Group LLC, which provides strategy consulting to nonprofits. He has always been passionate about helping animals. (He/Him)