Our Team

Miranda Hitchcock

Miranda began her work with dogs as a volunteer at an animal shelter in Maryland, and then taught puppy classes and reactive/fearful dog classes  before moving to Austin. Among her shelter work, she was the Shelter Operations Manager for Austin Animal Center and oversaw the shelter's behavior program and animal care. Miranda is a "behavior nerd" who's passionate about equity and access in the dog world.  Miranda is currently completing her Master's Degree in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from Virginia Tech. (She/Her)

Founder, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified 


Michele Mendoza

A lifelong dog lover, Michele started dog walking and pet sitting to earn extra money while working in corporate marketing roles. A long-term client opened her eyes to positive reinforcement training and inspired her to learn more about dog behavior. In 2010, she left the corporate world to start a training facility of her own, training thousands of dogs everything from manners to agility. After selling the business, she worked on the Behavior Team at Austin Animal Center and connected with Miranda over a shared passion for dog behavior. (She/Her)

Founder, CPDT-KA


Eric Tarango

Eric began dog training when he rescued his own dog who had resource guarding issues. In 2014 he moved to Austin, a dog loving city that helped him grow as a trainer. He shadowed a service dog trainer for a couple of years and was inspired to learn how animals thought and how they see the world. He started working as a dog trainer, teaching basic manners classes and private lessons for several years. He has helped and worked with thousands of dogs, and has a passion for learning about behavior problems and treatments in dogs. (He/Him)

Trainer- Spanish Services

Our Board Members

Brad Groff

Brad has 30 years of sales and marketing experience and was previously co-owner of Zoom Room Austin. He has worked at Apple Inc. for close to 20 years, currently in Business Development and Sales Operations. Brad is the proud owner of 4 rescue mutts and one stubborn dachshund.


LaTonya Jeffery

LaTonya has over 16 years of proficiency participating in all phases of software development. She is currently Lead Business Architect/Principal Consultant at Advance Business Group, LLC. LaTonya has two lovable Portuguese Water Dogs, Koda and Karly and has developed a love of dog training.


Chris Warwick

Chris has over 20 years of marketing experience. She is currently VP Consumer Marketing and Program Design at Kasasa, and Chief Marketer at Pod Network & STEMconnector. Chris has rescued a variety of animals over the years, including horses, goats and sheep. She lives with two amazing great danes.