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Five Ways to Prepare Your Dog for 4th of July

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Alright y’all, the 4th of July is coming up: which means fireworks, BBQs, and (in many cases) a week of terror for dogs.

Some preparation can save you a LOT of heartache!

1- make a safe spot where your dog can relax/hide. If your dog gets scared during fireworks, it's ok to comfort them- it won't make the fear worse!

2- keep your dog at home instead of taking them to parties or fireworks where they might flee!!

We know you want to bring Fluffy to your friend’s party, but they’re much more likely to escape from a new environment.

3- watch for unsafe foods! One of the most dangerous parts of July 4th is actually the BBQ, not the fireworks.

With so many people (including kids!) walking around with food or leaving it on tempting tables, it’s very easy for dogs to grab something they shouldn’t.

This might include foods that are toxic to dogs, or major choking or blockage hazards like chicken bones or corn cobs.

4- update your microchip! A microchip isn’t a GPS device (though putting on your dog’s GPS collar is a great idea!) A microchip just stores your contact information in case someone finds your pup- so make sure the information is updated!

5- talk to your veterinarian. If your dog struggles with fireworks and is extremely fearful, medication can help!

Ready for some other summer dog safety tips?


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