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Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year when many of us think "oh crap, I need to get a gift for Susan and I have no idea what to get her!" Never fear: Every Dog is here with a gift guide for you!

1. Gift Cards for Training with Every Dog

If you've got a friend or family member who loves doing fun things with their dog, gift cards are a great way to support them! You can purchase gift cards that are good toward any private training or group class. Or maybe you know someone who's dog needs some training?! One might say passive aggressive, but we say thoughtful! And if you buy a gift card for yourself, we won't tell!


2. Every Dog Merch

Why buy Every Dog merch? Because we have obsessively chosen soft, cozy shirts that you'll want to wear over and over. If you need something to carry your treat pouch, extra treats, long line, muzzle, or other training supplies, check out our totes! Or use them for something totally non-dog-related. Regardless of which items you choose, you'll be representing equity in dog training and supporting our nonprofit.


3. Sponsorship In Someone's Honor

If you want to support families in need AND give a thoughtful gift, sponsorship is a great way to go. Maybe you have a friend who recently lost a dog, and you'd like to do something in their honor. Maybe you don't live in the Austin area, but still want to support the mission.

Your donation of a sponsorship means that we can provide financial aid to a family (and pup!) in need.


4. Dog Training Supplies (and more!)

Ok, but what about other actual STUFF I can gift someone? No problem! We've selected a bunch of our favorite treats, enrichment items, and training supplies on our Amazon list. You get to send someone some great dog stuff (or heck, gift them to yourself!), and even better: a part of the proceeds goes back to supporting Every Dog.


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