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Paws Across Cultures: the Impact of Spanish-Language Dog Training

Austin-Based Spanish-language dog trainer kneels with dog.

Dog training plays a crucial role in helping families bond with their dogs and improve communication and safety. Unfortunately, many Spanish-speaking families don’t have access to dog training options.

In Austin's vibrant community, dedicated Every Dog Austin trainer Eric Tarango is on a mission to break language barriers for Spanish-speaking dog owners. Despite a growing demand for training help, Spanish-language dog training remains limited. By offering training in Spanish, Every Dog Austin not only addresses this demand but also uncovers a world of understanding and connection between these families and their dogs.

Eric loves the excitement and surprise expressed by families as they learn more about their dogs. He notes “They love learning why their dogs do things they never understood before. They seem to be much more eager to work with their pets when they realize that they can learn in their language and are not forced to practice a non-native language when speaking with their pets.“

To address these obstacles, Every Dog Austin offers Spanish articles, webinars, and classes, providing invaluable resources for education - and looks forward to a lot more resources for Austin’s Spanish speakers in 2024, thanks to Eric’s work and dedication.

About Eric Tarango

Eric's journey into dog training began when he rescued his dog Maximus in 2014. Facing resource guarding issues, he delved into positive reinforcement methods and eventually became a full-time trainer with Every Dog Austin in 2023.

His commitment extends beyond his professional life, sparking positive changes within his family and clients. Eric's passion for behavior and manners training makes him a vital resource for Spanish-speaking individuals seeking a deeper bond with their canine companions in Austin.

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